About Us

Yunca Heating (Terry Young Ltd) aquired a 50 percent share of Procote Industries in 1984,
and in 1989 Procote became a 100 percent subsidiary of Yunca Heating.

As well as undertaking the finishing work for all Yunca products, we offer independent services and products, including finishing of stoves for other manufacturers, manufacture of whiteboards and architectural panels, as well as a range of signage and promotional materials.

For the best quality, great customer service and competitive pricing, look no further than Procote.

Powder Coating Service.

The versatile properties of powder coating make it ideal for a variety of needs, both decorative & practical. Any metal capable of conducting electricity and able to withstand 200°C can be powder coated.

Our processes comply with technical specifications set by the powder manufacturers, and we are able to supply a 25 year guarantee on our work (under normal usage conditions).

Procote is capable of coating an area of up to 7 square metres

Super Durable Porcelain-On-Steel Whiteboards.

These can be made to any size, graphics can be fired into the surface allowing lines, grids, logos or text to permanently embedded. Their aluminum framing is powder coated, and the boards can be made mobile whatever the size.

Vitreous Enamel Signs.

Graffiti-proof and totally UV resistant.
Perfect for a sign that needs to survive the modern world.

Architectural Panelling.

Vitreous enamelled panels are ideal for cladding buildings, tunnels, railway platforms, food processing areas, and medical centres. These panels offer architects and designers the ultimate surface - any colour, pattern and/or graphic can be held safe from UV, chemical abrasion, impact, flame, and vandalism. This is a true long term solution for surfaces in demanding situations.

Promotional Products.

Coffee mugs, glassware and plates can be provided with your company logo fired into the glaze for durability. Commemorate an historic event by having items decorated in whatever way you'd like.